Research (UROP) - Teaching Systems Lab

June to December 2016

I have worked on numerous projects from the Teaching System Lab (TSL) and their partner foundation, the Woodrow Wilson Academy. I assisted the TSL in designing student-centered learning experiences. I worked on learning materials and games. This included: producing graphical and functional designs, visualizing instructional graphics, play-testing, conducting user-testing on potential users, and revising the materials accordingly.

Summer Design Program - Logos

I prepared the branding for a summer workshop held to educate local teachers about the different models of teaching.

Summer Design Program - Icons

A design journal was made to describe the important steps of designing a more fun lesson plan based on different teaching models. We also wanted our teachers to have a physical reminder of the workshop. These were the iconography that were created to mark different chapters of the booklet.

This is a copy of the Design Journal.